David DeMille

David DeMille

I'm a digital marketing manager.

I'm a Digital Marketing Manager at CLEARLINK in Salt Lake City and love what I do. I geek out over all forms of digital marketing, and am always up to discuss. Find me on twitter at @daveydemille.

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The Content Strategist

How to Create How-To Content That Doesn't Suck — The Content ...

How to Create How-To Content That Doesn't Suck — Th...

A new formula for content marketing that converts article

A New Formula For Content Marketing That Converts

With a few key metrics and some simple (enough) math in Microsoft Excel, you can create content marketing that converts....

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Remocam Reviews: The First IoT Camera? | ASecureLife.com

See why we loved Remocam after our extensive hands-on testing of Remocam. We set it up in our house, tested each feature, and here's what we learned. . ....

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What's the Best and Most Affordable Home Security System?

Check out the 2016 winners for best home security system based on unbiased, independent research and reviews. Includes VIDEO....

Data fashion article

DavidDeMille.com - Data Driven Digital Marketing Strategy

Apr 10, 2014 ... About David · Events & Organizations · Work Experience · Endorsements. = Menu = Blog, - Social Media, - Local SEO, About David, - Events & ......